About Us

Who we are

Boutique Consulting Firm opearing since 1994, specialising in business optimisation

Operate over four pillars of discipline:

Mission - Values - Our Solution

Our Mission

Work closely with our precious clients to practice, innovate and deliver value, throughout our engagement. When we depart it is important that we leave them with new competancies, confidence and awareness to lead an optimised business life-style for sustainability and profitiabilty

Our Values

The client is the centre of the EC universe

Our Solution

Proven methodology, deeply skilled practitioners and innovative tools to assure positive and profitable outcomes

Enterprise Thinking©

  • Lean Business Modelling
  • Practitioner Execution
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Value delivery
  • Optimisation





  • Concept to Market
  • Value Streaming
  • Innovation delivery
  • Funding Ready
  • Exit




Advisory Consulting

  • Winning Strategy Workshoping
  • Strategy to Execution
  • Restructuring
  • Performance & Culture
  • Succession Planning



Innovation Delivery

Practical Tools for Optimisation & Continuous Improvement

  • EVRIS™ Decision Support & Predicitive Analysis
  • APTIKA™ Operations Support Database, (Mfg, Contracting & Service Industries

At last... A Management and Business Consultants who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and share in your risk!

We offer you a wholistic and integrated style of innovative corporate service based on proven, processes, methodologies and management and mentoring techniques that focus on business imperatives, innovative market engagement and leverage opportunities that are designed to optimise and sustain your enterprise.

From business due diligence, to capital raising we work closely with your teams to add value to your business through to identifying new market opportunities and everything in-between, EC means optimised business!. We have also developed our own special and software solutions that are unique in their field, so if your needs are simple or complex, we have the capability, skills, methodology and tools to help.

Enterprise Clarity

Enterprise Clarity Pty Limited

EC is a boutique business consulting firm that has operated since 1994 offering a unique and comprehensive improvement performance process. Because we are not your typical management consultants; we create the bridging points between strategy, execution, with creation and delivery of true business value. The EC engagement style is highly participative to understand your issues and business imperatives and challenges as we collaborate to leverage value, generate sustainability ensuring positive outcomes.
Achieve ‘clarity’

Achieve clarity across every aspect

Achieve the correct level of focus, understanding and setting of priorities that maximise return. Work with EC and together we will flex your core capability and leverage the core assets as refelcted in your people, process and daily practices. Our mentoring and leadership will challenge your thinking to invigorate the strategy and stimulate new ideas, innovations and directions for ultimate market consciousness, connection and success.

At EC, e follow our mantra to “practice what we preach”, so our claims to 'Innovate, Practice and Deliver Value’ to your business, is exactly what we do!
An EC Service

An EC Service or innovative solution may be for you!

We are always willing to share your risk with fees that are market competitive: — we expedite growth and wealth at a speed not possible without Enterprise Clarity know-how, experience and proven methodologies. Our Lean and Commercialisation practices, pack a significant punch and become the engine for value delivery.

Common Queries and Questions

Our engagement model, methodology, processes and innovative tools are versatile, adaptable, across all sizes and types of business
As all consultative business it will depend on time involved, but EC has an adaptable fee structure
We have several formulas such as: consulting hourly rates, performance based fee structure, investor finder’s fees and equity participation.
No, from a brief initial no charge discussion we can establish budgetary requirements directly with you
Naturally the more we know about your business and how you operate, the better our outcomes you’re your company secrets are protected. From the moment we are engaged by you and become a client, we will sign non-disclosure documents that are mutual.
What makes us different is the deep practitioner skills and experiential value of our leaders. We assign a Director toeach client situation and deliver a robust and solid engagement Tht will maximise the value return.

Higher Yields

EC enriches your overall business offering and validates your value proposition with closely alignment to client outcomes in the most lucrative way


By taking a focused practitioner lead implementation with each of our clients, EC ensures that time saved and higher yield translate into a material improvement to your trading performance and ultimately your Balance Sheet

Soft Skills

Working as a trusted member along side your team ensures EC mentors your people so they acquire the knowledge to take the enterprise forward for optimal and sustained performance


Like you, EC sees your enterprise in all its complexity. We provide clear, transparent guidance, backed by the experience and management bandwidth to achieve results in a commercial time frame


EC sees your enterprise with a non-biased view and deep market insights, so we target the real world, your benchmark performance and alternate approach plus options available for consideration

Cultural Development

EC offeres a range of management development and training drive a new culture for your business, whether the desire is to become a client centric company that delivers value to Lean practitioner devleopments. The journey to culture, involves all staff, management philosophy, leadership and impacts, people, practice and process.

EC’s deep knowledgebase, proven methodology, defined process tools and industry capabilities are:


      • Enterprise Thinking™
      • EC Commercialisation Framework
      • EC Sales Turbo™
      • EC Smart Collaboration and Alliancing™
      • Tools for Optimisation:
        •   EVRIS™
        •   APTIKA™